Indian Creek Bylaws

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Indian Creek Homeowners and Water Association Bylaws

   Adopted March 15,1990

   Purpose of the Association:

  1. Insure proper maintenance of the water system and the quality of water delivered to the homeowners.

  2. To efficiently manage and account for the collection of homeowner fees and the payments to all vendors.

  3. To preserve the natural woodlands and wildlife, and make the common areas accessible to all Association members for recreation.

  Association Membership and Voting:

  1. Owners of all lots, improved or unimproved, are members upon transfer of title.

  2. Each homeowner may have one vote.

  3. Ten members will constitute a quorum.

  4.  An annual meeting will be held each March for the election of new officers and to present the Association's current financial status.

  5.  Board meetings will be held quarterly. All interested members are invited to attend/


  1. Officers will serve three year terms, elected on staggered years so as to elect no more than two in any given year.

  2.  As only homeowners may vote, board members must be homeowners. If board member moves from the subdivision, they must give up their post.

  3.  In cases of vacancies, the remaining board will appoint a replacement to fill out the unexpired term.

  4.  Board members may succeed themselves if they wish to continue to serve and are successfully re-elected.

  5.  An existing board member may seek a different office if he wishes. If that member is elected to the new post, the board will appoint another homeowner to fill the vacancy created.

   Duties of the officers:

     Board President:

  • Represent Indian Creek to various outside groups, ie, state, county, township, developers, and future homeowners and their builders. Organize and conduct quarterly board and Association meetings.

  •  Be accountable to all members for the board's activities, decisions, and expenditures.

  • Coordinate activities of other board members

     Vice President/Secretary

  •  Maintain minutes of all board meetings.

  • Distribute meeting minutes and other necessary information to all Association members.

  •  Organize development social events as needed.

  •  Conduct board and annual meetings in the absence of the president.

     Water Chairman

  •  Have a good working knowledge of the entire water system, including tap-ons and delivery capacity.

  •  Have a good working knowledge of applicable EPA and clean water regulations, and cooperate with necessary federal, state, and local water organizations.

  • Work closely with contracted maintenance vendor to insure continued proper and safe system operation.

  • Investigate homeowner water problems in a timely manner.

     Homeowner Chairman (Grounds Chairman):

  • Be responsible for coordinating the maintenance and development of the 50 acres of common area.

  • Review new home plans to insure they meet the code minimums.

  • Have a good working knowledge of local, county, and state regulations pertaining to rural subdivisions building and septic permits, set backs, ditch requirements, road maintenance, mail delivery, police and fire protection, etc.


  •  Prepare and mail quarterly homeowner water billings and annual lot owner Association billings.

  •  Pay all approved invoices in a timely manner.

  •  Maintain records of all accounts payable and homeowner receipts.

  •  Submit records for, and assist in, an annual audit.

  •  Prepare and submit all tax forms necessary.

  •  Prepare a complete annual summary of expenses and income for presentation at each annual meeting.


  • A Tap-on fee will be assessed the owner(s) of each new home in the amount of $250. 2. Monthly water and homeowner fees will commence during the first month of occupancy.

  • A yearly homeowners fee of $40 will be charged owners of unimproved lots.

  • Monthly charges may be adjusted by the board as necessary, with at least a 30 day notification to all homeowners.

  • Collected funds will be used for typical maintenance, repair, and improvements to the water system and common areas, and other expenses as needed.

  • Special assessments or major expenditures issues will be presented to the Association for majority vote.

  • Any unpaid balance of 90 days will be subject to 11/2% interest penalty per month and a lien may be filed against the property if necessary.

   Water system:

  • It has been certified that our present water system meets the minimum codes as established by the State of Illinois.

  • The system is to be maintained by a licensed contractor, with regular inspection by the state EPA.

  • Damage to the water mains during construction or leaks detected after the tap-on is completed, must be repaired at the homeowner's expense.

Bylaws will be in force when ratified by a majority of members present at the annual meeting. Amendments to the bylaws may be introduced and voted on only during annual meetings or special sessions that may be called for such purposes.


Indian Creek Homeowner Association Board Member History

April 13, 2006

1989 91 Larry Meyer President
1989 92 Marcia Albritton VP/Secretary (resigned fall 1990)
1989 90 Jim Kellenberger Homeowners Chair
1989 92 Ron Parsons Water Chair
1989 90 Bob Bouck Treasurer

1990 93 Bob Bouck Treasurer
1990 93 Doug Reeves Homeowners Chair
1990 92 Annette Hancock VP/Secretary (Board appointed)

1991 94 Bill Roe Homeowners Chair
1991 93 Doug Reeves President (Board appointed)

1992 95 Annette Hancock VP/Secretary
1992 95 Mike Cunningham Water Chair

1993 96 Jim Larson Treasurer
1993 96 D.C. Young President

1994 97 Brian Myers Homeowners Chair

1995 98 Annette Hancock VP/Secretary
1995 98 Mike Cunningham Water Chair

1996 97 Brian Myers President (Board appointed)
1996 99 Dave Schulthes Treasurer
1996 99 Greg Beneze Homeowners Chair

1997 98 Annette Hancock President (Board appointed)
1997 00 Debbie Beshoar VP/Secretary (resigned June 1999)

1998 01 Tommie Crouthmel President (Resigned March 2000)
1998 01 Tim Mogill Water Chair

1999 00 Sue Arnold VP/Secretary (Board appointed)
1999 02 Dave Schulthes Treasurer
1999 02 Greg Beneze Homeowner Chair

2000 03 Sue Arnold VP/Secretary
2000 01 Larry Meyer President (Board appointed)

2001 04 Jimmy Young President
2001 04 Tim Mogill Water Chair

2002 05 Steve Jurovic Homeowner Chair (resigned this position 2004)
2002 05 Dave Schulthes Treasurer

2003 06 Faith Russell VP/Secretary (resigned fall 2005)

2004 05 Jim Russell Homeowners Chair (Board appointed)
2004 06 Tim Mogill Water Chair
2004 - 07 Steve Jurovic President (Board appointed - resigned 2006)

2005 06 Brian Krause VP/Secretary (Board appointed)
2005 08 Dave Schulthes Treasurer
2005 08 Jim Russell Grounds Chair (formerly known as Homeowners Chair)

2006 06 Brian Krause VP/Secretary (Board appointed)
2006 - 07 Kurt Patti - Water Chair (Board appointed - resigned 2007)

        2006 -      Brian Krause President
        2006 -      Barb Ulbrich  VP/Secretary
        2008 -      Bob Hancock - Water Chair (Board appointed)
        2008 -      Dave Schulthes Treasurer
        2008 -      Jim Russell Grounds Chair (formerly known as Homeowners Chair)



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