June 6, 2005


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     The Indian Creek Homeowner's Water Association (ICHWA) complies with all state and federal testing requirements. The purpose of this report is not only to comply with Illinois statute but, more important, to help you, the owners and users of Indian Creek water, make informed decisions about your water system. It summarizes the testing of the quality of water in 2003 and offers sources for more complete information about the source of your water and other information pertinent to water consumers.


Boil Orders

     In 2004 we had no boil orders. A boil order does not imply that there is a safety issue with your water system.  Anytime that some part of the system is opened to the outside environment, such as to replace a valve or a meter, we must issue a boil order until the output can be tested.


System Improvements/Maintenance

   A no-longer-used water softener was removed.


Board/Association Business

     ICHWA has become a member of JULIE, the non-profit organization that notifies all member underground utilities of impending construction.  Because water lines are underground, it is possible that a project of a homeowner might damage the water lines. As a JULIE member, we receive the same notification as the other utilities and mark our lines thus shifting the liability should damage occur.  The water line is marked from the shutoff to the edge of the property.  The lines from the shutoff to the home are the responsibility of the homeowner.


Shutoff Location

     The project to confirm the location of the water shut-offs for all homes in Indian Creek goes on – slowly, very slowly..  This is a major undertaking because most have been covered by landscaping and are difficult to locate even with sensitive metal detectors.  If you know where your shut-off is located, please inform Tim Mogill (728–2048, so that it can be permanently marked.



     We were again commended for “achieving the highest standard of compliance with the Illinois Fluoridation Act”.   We remain on reduced lead/copper monitoring.  All vulnerability wavers have been extended.  No water quality violations were recorded for our facility based on extensive water quality testing.



Test Data

     No drinking water quality violations were recorded during 2004.  The test data for our water will be available on the site


Water Usage

     In 2004 we used a total of 8,930,700 gallons of water, a decrease of 264,000 gallons (2.9%) from the previous year.  Monthly usage was highest in August at 831,600 gallons, lowest in March at 556, 500 gallons. 



     Further information about the Indian Creek water is available at, Water.

Major decisions affecting the water system are made at Homeowner's Association meetings. Please attend!


In Progress: By December 2005 we will develop an Emergency Operations Plan to maintain our safe drinking water.


Professional System Operator

The Indian Creek Homeowner's water association is particularly indebted to Mr. Frank Cottrell, the professional operator of our water system, for maintaining our system and aiding in the preparation of this report.