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To:              Indian Creek Homeowner's Association c/o Tim Mogill, 18 Bent Tree Lane, Towanda, IL 61776


From:         Joe Mikulecky, P.E.


Date:          7/18/03


Subject:     Water Tower washout and inspection ‑ June 9, 2003


Hanfland Painting Contractors, the same company that had done the previous painting work on the Water Tower in 1996 washed the interior and exterior of the tank, allowing the inspection of the tank by Farnsworth Group ‑ on June 9, 2003. Jerry Hanfland brought a crew of 3 and reportedly arrived at 10 a.m. Frank Cottrell had drained the tank and was running the system via pressure relief valve. I arrived at 2 p.m. My general observations and recommendations follow:


Interior Wet Area:


Some isolated failures along lapped roof seams (caulked areas holding up very well, doing a good job at protecting these areas). Typical failures present around vents and along ladder. Some very isolated rusting on roof plates in 2 locations of 6" ‑ 9" in diameter.


Interior Dry Area:


Overall condition is very good. Some rust through in general coating in lower stem ‑ 2 locations (see picture). There is some rust around the stiffeners adjacent to the riser pipe, but the remainder of the stiffener area looks very good. Platforms showing some signs of rust. The lower part of the access tube is showing some rust and corrosion ‑ monitor this area more closely as it is always wet.




The overcoat is holding up very well for 7 years. Minor isolated failures have occurred as noted: small top coat failure to primer at painter's hatch; small isolated on base bell; 2 small failures on roof. The grout between the base plate and the foundation is cracking in some locations ‑ this should be chipped out and re‑packed in the future.




Monitor the tank exterior over the next 3 to 5 years to watch the coating system performance. Bi‑annual climbs of the tank interior to observe rusting/ corrosion progression will be helpful. The tank's interior coating should hold up well for approximately 8 ‑ 10 more years.


·          Purchase new nuts and bolts (12" x 1 1/8") to retain yokes on crab door. Hanfland noted that the yokes do not properly match up with the hatch opening, but they do function properly.

·          Monitor coating performance more closely over the next 3 ‑ 5 years

·          Budget for upcoming expenses:

1. Exterior: possible overcoat in 3 ‑ 5 years with interior repairs (2006 ‑ 2008) $25,000 ‑ or ‑

2. If overcoat is not possible, full contained blast & re‑coat (2008 ‑ 2010) $ 100,000

3. Inside tank: blast/ repaint tank interior (2013) $25,000


We welcome the opportunity to review this information with you.  We have attached a drawing of a similar tank, identifying some of the tank areas referenced in this memo in case some of the terminology we used is confusing.


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To:           Indian Creek Homeowner's Association Elev Tank File, Tim Mogill (18 Bent Tree Lane, Towanda

61776), Frank Cottrell, Erik Often (Taylor Coatings)


From:      Joe Mikulecky


Date:       4/20/04


Subject:   4/19/04 Scratch Test w/ Erik Often of Taylor Coatings


I met Erik Often of Taylor Coatings on site at 2 p.m. on 4/19/04 to conduct a scratch test (" X ") with tape pull­-off per the recommended standards ‑ conducted by Erik. Adhesion of the Series 30 topcoats (intermediate & finish in 1996 was fairly good. Paint thickness in the bell area averaged about 13 mils.


An overcoat is possible at this time but with some risk. The previous coating system (Tnemec Series 2034 April Green Tneme Gloss ‑ Year 1980) was also an Alkyd so if the tank were overcoated, this would be a 3 rd coating system over the existing and possibly original primer. We would recommend that the coating system be re‑tested when the time drew closer to rehab the tank exterior ‑ year 2007. The undercoats of paint are the weak links" to the existing coating system as evidenced by Erik's scratch test.


Recommendation: monitor the existing coating system over the next year or two. Re‑examine the coating system in the fall/ winter of 2006 for possible work in 2007. Re‑evaluate, at that time, the economics of overcoating the tank at this time versus doing a contained blast and repaint. A possible consideration is to delay exterior coating action until 2008 ‑ 2010 and remove all coatings and install a 20+ year coating system on the tank. If coatings work is delayed until 2010 or thereafter, it may be possible and necessary to re‑do the interior wet and dry coating system.


We further recommend exploring other options for water, whether it be an extension of the City of Bloomington's water transmission main from Lake Bloomington or an interconnection with the Village of Towanda.


                                                                                                                                                     Indian Creek 4‑19‑04.doc

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