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March, 2005

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The Towanda PTO is recycling computer printer cartridges, cell phones, used laptop computers, and PDAs (Palm Pilots) to raise money for the school.  These items can be dropped by the school or at Martha Rients home, 36 Candle Ridge Rd.  Contact Martha Rients with questions - 728-2178.



March 23            Spring Break Fun at the Library!


Wednesday March 23, 6-7pm, Keri Marley will teach you how to make an accordion book. (appropriate for 1st grade & up).    7-9pm, Stay and watch a movie!  (can you guess which one?)   Come for one or both events!




March 26                           Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast


The Lions Club's Easter Egg Hunt for youth thru 5th grade is at North Park on Saturday, March 26 with registration before the 10:00 AM start time.  Breakfast items and a bake sale to benefit the Senior Citizens group will be held that morning beginning about 8:00 a.m. in the Community Building.  Donations of baked goods to the sale would be sincerely appreciated.




March 28              4th of July Theme and Grand Marshal(s)

Suggestions for the 4th of July theme and nominations of people for Parade Grand Marshal(s) are requested by Monday, March 28.  Please send them to Parade Chairman Gail Ann Briggs, 112 Hunt St, Towanda; or by email:  Include your name, address, phone number and something about the person(s) when nominating Grand Marshals.  For you information - lists of former themes and former grand marshals are posted at the Library, Post Office and Community Building.




March 31 – May 19              Story and Craft Time for Pre-Schoolers


Story and craft time for 3-5 year olds, March 31-May 19 from 11:00-11:30 on Wednesday mornings. Register at the Towanda District Library, 309-728-2176,




March 31 – April 2                                 Garage Sales


             Towanda Area Garage Sales are scheduled for

·        Thursday, March 31 from 4:00-7:00 PM

·        Friday, April 1 from 9:00-6:00

·        Saturday, April 2 from 8:00-2:00 PM. 


Information about sale items and $5 for advertising is due by Saturday, March 26 (day before Easter) to Gail Ann Briggs, 112 Hunt St.; Lamplighter. Questions/information:  728-2187 or by email (response sent upon receipt) to   The early date is to avoid competition with large known sales in the area during the weekends that follow.


Notice: The Towanda District Library will NOT participate in the spring garage sales as previously planned.  The library is still planning to participate in the fall garage sales.



April 5                                             Elections


Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, April 5.  Running for office are:





  Road Commissioner

Brian Lueschen

Max Foster

Mike Merna



Mark Kraft

Ed Kella

Carl Hinthorn

Gary Anderson

Michael McCurdie



      Sharon McCurdy



       Laura Egbers


Unit 5 School Board


 Vote for 3

 Meta Mickens-Baker (Bloomington Township)

 Rich Schroeder         (Normal Township)

 Jay Reece                 (Normal Township)

 Andrew Scott Matthews (Normal Township)

 John Puzauskas        (Dry Grove Township)

 Robert A. Burritt        (Dale Township)


* Due to the restriction that no more than three from any one township shall be seated on the Board at one time, only one from Normal township may be elected on April 5 because there are already two members from Normal.

Towanda District Library Board


 Vote for 4

DeAnna Belz

Tim Mogill 

Mark Schwamberger

Eric Woodrum



April 13                         Towanda Senior Group

The Towanda area Seniors group meets monthly, the second Wednesday of each month, at 12:00 at the Towanda community center.  The meeting consists of a pot luck luncheon, conversation and sometimes a special program.  The next meeting is April 13.  Bring a dish to share; meat and drinks will be provided.  Donations are accepted, but not required.  Questions? Call Dave (Bud) McDaniels, 728-2175




April 20                           Towanda Area Historical Society


The next meeting of the Towanda Area Historical Society will be on Wednesday, April 20th at 7:00pm at the library.  The historical society is compiling a history of the Towanda area and needs photos, events, dates, memories, and help with editting, writing, organizing, typing, and production.   Anyone interested in participating in this project can contact Jack Jenkins or attend the next meeting.




May 25                      Towanda Reads

The next ‘Towanda Reads’ sponsored by the Towanda District Library will be The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America, by Erik Larson.  The publisher introduces the book as follows:   “Their fates were linked by the magical Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, nicknamed the ‘White City’ for its majestic beauty.  Architect Daniel Burnham built it, serial killer Dr. H. H. Holmes used it to lure victims to his World’s Fair Hotel, designed for murder.  Both men left behind them a powerful legacy, one of brilliance and energy, the other of sorrow and darkness.”


The book will be discussed at the library at 6:00 pm on May 25.






If anyone has moss growing in their yards that they would like to get rid of, Sue Arnold would like to have it to grow on her retaining wall and around her pond.

Call or email Sue at 728-2614 or




Garlic Mustard


Garlic Mustard is an invasive, non-native plant originally from Europe, North Africa, and Asia.   It is harmful to the native ecosystem because of its prolific seed production and dense growth casting shade that weakens native plants.  Garlic mustard can be found along the edge of wooded areas in Indian Creek.  You may have garlic mustard growing in your own yard.


Actually a biennial, each plant only lives for 2 years, but its seeds can remain viable for up to six years.  The first year, the leaves stay very low to the ground and do not produce flowers or seeds. The second year, garlic mustard grows upright producing the white flower heads which each contain hundreds of seeds.   It is the flowering, second-year plants that are easiest to recognize and pull.   It is best to kill it before it can cast its seeds. 


See for more about garlic mustard.





Welcome New Neighbor


Welcome to Buster Lynn of Pepperwood Court, an adorable four month old Beagle puppy who has brightened the streets of our subdivision as he proudly leads his people on twice daily walks.




Sasha and Joey Mogill Instrumental in Finding Lost Puppy


Late in the cold and dreary afternoon of February 19, two young girls went door-to-door from Fox Creek to upper Bent Tree Lane trying to locate a lost puppy.  They became more dispirited after each stop.


Those of you who walk, jog, or run Bent Tree Lane, know that Sasha and Joey spend a good bit of time looking out the window and announcing any person or animal that appears in the vicinity.  About fifteen minutes after the girls had stopped by, Sasha and Joey made it known in no uncertain terms that the little lost dog was just across the street.  Helen, using a bit of smoked ham, coaxed the frightened, trembling pup and, with Tim, took the now found puppy home.


Way to go Sasha and Joey!!!!!


Kids at Work




Baby Sitting


Anna Cummings, 728-8839

Ryan Doubet (15), 728-2463

Katie Jurovic, 728-2243


Pet Care


Adam Doubet (12), 728-2463

Bayli Doubet (11), 728-2463

Stephen Jurovic, 728-2243

Travis Mason, 728-8008

Gregory Mason, 728-8008


Lawn Care


Andrew  Cummings 728-8839

Ryan Doubet (15), 728-2463

Stephen Jurovic, 728-2243



Minutes of the March 1, Annual Homeowner’s Meeting


Old Business

§         Nature Area:  Six members of the Garden Club placed identification labels on specimen trees in the Nature Area in May 2004. 

§         Equipment Storage and Maintenance:  Jim Kellenberger noted that wheels need to be replaced on the mower attachment and offered to arrange for this.  Jim was then recognized for his service to the association in storing and maintaining the mowing equipment. 


Treasurer’s Report

§         Dave Schulthes reported that there is currently $87,347 in the Association account, held in CDs.  We add $9-10,000 per year.  Michael Cunningham asked about abating payment while we have this level of surplus, but have recommended we maintain this reserve and continue billing at the current level.  Potential expenses could be very significant.  Dave also noted we have never had an increase in the water bill/homeowners assessment.  Jim Russell suggested determining a contingency figure, which if surpassed, would trigger an abatement.


Water Report

§         Tim Mogill reported that the water softener has been capped off since it has not been used for several years.  Dave Schulthes will arrange to have it removed.

§         Tim will soon send out the Consumer Confidence Report on the water.  The water is checked daily.

§         Shut-off valves are being worked on slowly.  Tim requested that homeowners chalk off the water shut-off valves and notify him when they’ve been identified.

§         Tim will call Farnsworth to learn if there is lead in the paint on the outside of the water tower.

§         The summer landscape watering schedule will continue with homes having even-numbered addresses watering on even-numbered days and odd-numbered homes on odd-numbered days.


Vice President/Secretary Report

§         Faith encouraged homeowners to add their email addresses to the Association email list so they can receive announcements and notifications.

§         Helen Mogill was recognized for her work on the Association newsletter and website.  Helen asked that neighbors inform her of events that can be included in the newsletter.  She also requested photographs of neighborhood scenes and pets that could be featured on the website. 


Groundskeeper Report

§         Jim Russell reported that 15 to 18 people participated in the Fall Work Day.  Work teams removed dead limbs from the Nature Area, maintained trails, did roadside clean-up on the highway from the I-55 overpass to the Hudson blacktop.  In addition, as part of this project, the neighborhood sign at the entrance was repainted.

§         Jim asked that homeowners be conscientious about cleaning up after pets in common areas, about burning – keeping fires small, away from trees, and considering smoke’s effect on neighbors’ homes-, and recognizing speed limits on neighborhood roads.

§         Herb Todd offered to investigate costs and other considerations related to having garbage cans available for dog walkers who pick up after their pets.


New Business

§         After another year in which luminaries were thwarted, this time due to weather, the Board recommended discontinuing this tradition.  Larry Meyer suggested the Board set a date for those homeowners who wished to continue luminaries on a private basis.  The Association, however, would no longer be providing materials.  The group agreed with this proposal.

§         Jim Russell asked for ideas for the Spring Work Day which will be held in early May.  Suggestions from the floor included:  flood clean-up in common areas, gravel on the well road, removal of sucker trees by the soccer field, and garlic mustard removal.  Michael Cunningham cautioned that removal of the sucker trees could lead to erosion and suggested letting some remain.

§         The Towanda-Area Garage Sale is scheduled for Thursday, March 31 from 4:00 – 7:00 PM, Friday, April 1 from 9:00 – 6:00 and Saturday, April 2 from 8:00 – 2:00.  To be listed on the flyer, send information about your sale items and $5 for advertising to Gail Ann Briggs by Saturday, March 26.  Contact information for Gail Ann is 112 Hunt St., Lamplighter, phone 728-2187 or email at

§         At the request of the Board, Bob Hancock had explored costs of a new, more efficient mower for the neighborhood.  The price range was $15,500 - $19,500.  He speculated that a new mower could cut the time spent mowing and increase participation in this task. 

§         The Board had also asked that Bob investigate new storage options.  Bob reported that a 12 x 20 foot shed would cost $1900 - $2200.

§         Discussion of possible new equipment yielded a proposal for an alternative:  hiring out the maintenance of the common areas.  This may be considered when the need for a new mower becomes a higher priority.

§         It was decided that the shed would be the priority for current consideration.

§         A motion to give the board authority to pursue a building under $10,000 failed for lack of a second.

§         Greg Beneze motioned that the Board develop detailed plans for a shed – including location, cost, and drawings – for a cost up to $500.  Jim Lawson seconded the motion and it passed. 

§         Homeowners discussed landscape and debris removal methods including renting a dumpster, but ultimately decided not to pursue any new options.

§         Greg reported that roadside trash pickup occurred four times a year.  The next clean-up will occur in conjunction with the Spring Work Day.  Participants on road clean-up crews must with over age 13 and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

§         Todd Reeser brought up the issue of drainage along the Nature Trail.  Jim Russell indicated that Ben Dailey had information and was doing additional research.  Todd was encouraged to coordinate with Ben and bring a proposal to the Board who could make a decision on it.






Email:  If you are interested in receiving email announcements of upcoming subdivision events or other announcements of interest to residents, send your email address to the secretary of the Indian Creek Home Owners Association, Faith Russell, at


Subdivision web page:


If you have scenery, garden, wild animal or pet photos that you are willing to share, email them to me, Helen Mogill,, or bring them by to me at 18 Bent Tree Lane.  I can scan and return your photos.  My phone is 728-2048.


Newsletter:  If you have events or announcements you’d like to see in here, please contact me, Helen Mogill,, 728-2048.  Kids – contact me if you’d like me to include your name, phone, and a list of odd jobs that you are willing to do – babysitting, pet care, lawn mowing, etc. Adults, let us know about your business.





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