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June, 2005


4th of July Festivities


Monday, June 27, 7:00 p.m. - 4th of July Celebration Committee will meet at the Towanda Community Building to finalize plans for the events on Sunday, July 3 and Monday, July 4.  Help is always appreciated.  See more at the official Towanda 4th of July informational website:


 Events this year will include:


 Sunday, July 3, 2005

     4:30–7:00pm    Community Building                Spaghetti Dinner            

Advance tickets ($4/adult; $2.50/child) - call 728-2216 or 728-2423 (+.50 at door).

      7:30pm              South Park                          Miss / Master and Theme Winners Introduced         

     7:30–11:00pm    South Park                           Community Dance     Music by Spector   


 Monday, July 4, 2005

     All Day               North & South Parks            Flea Market                                     

      All Day              Community Bldg & Parks      Food Concessions              

      8:45-9:30am       School                                Parade Lineup                    

     10:00am                                                       Parade Begins

      5:30 pm              School                               ‘Olde Tyme’ Games begin          

5:30 - 6:30 for youngsters 3-6 years
6:30 - 7:30 for ages 7-12 years
7:30 – dusk for 13 year olds - adult

       Dusk                                                         Fireworks



Towanda 4th of July Honoring the Soldiers


 The Towanda 4th of July Parade will feature the '50 American Flags Living Memorial' unit again this year.  The theme of the celebration is 'Honoring the Soldiers' and another special unit will be the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the military.  Young people and adults who want to carry a flag (mile long hilly route), and those who have served our country are asked to contact Gail Ann Briggs - 728-2187 or so space can be arranged.




Towanda 4th of July Miss and Master


The Miss and Master Contest is for boys and girls 3-10 years old. Previous Misses or Masters are ineligible.


This year an entry form is to be completed and turned in at the Library by Saturday June 25th (NO PHOTOS). Winners will be notified by Thursday June 30th. Entry forms are available at the Library and in the June issues of the Towanda, Lamplighter, and Indian Creek subdivisions' newsletters. Winners will ride in the Parade.        

Questions? Call Heather Lueschen 728-2840.


Miss and Master Entry Form


Child's Name: _____________________________________


Parent's Name: ____________________________________


Child's Age: _______________________________________


Phone Number: ____________________________________


Remember that if your child had already been crowned Miss or Master they are not eligible.
All entries due at the Towanda Library by June 25th.




4th of July Book Sale – help needed

The Towanda District Library is accepting books in good condition at the library for their major fundraiser of the year at the 4th of July Flea Market in the center of Towanda.

The Friends of the Towanda District Library need help with loading and unloading books to and from the library’s book sale on July 3 from 3-5pm and July 4 from 2:30-4:30pm.  



Towanda Library News (on the web at


Summer reading program on Wednesdays from June 15 - July 27 (not July 6).  Register at the library:

                 Pre-K –1st grade:  9:30-10:30am
                 2nd grade & up: 11:-00am-noon


 Harry Potter Day: Sat. July 16.  To celebrate the book release of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6) the library will show the first three Harry Potter movies.  In between there will be games, crafts, trivia contests, prizes, snacks and pizza for dinner! Feel free to come in costume and bring a pillow and blanket.




Towanda Elementary PTO News


 Volunteers still needed!


Leaders are needed to start chess and computer clubs for the 2005-2006 school year.

Volunteers are needed for the Step-Up (Kindergarten and 1st grade) and Guide Step (1st grade and 2nd grade) reading programs to assist students who need additional help in learning to read.  If you can help, please contact Mrs. Erickson at 728-2278.


Volunteers and contributions are needed to help install new playground equipment this summer.  Please call Jamie Jackson at 728-2725 if you are willing to help. 



The Towanda PTO is recycling computer printer cartridges, cell phones, used laptop computers, and PDAs (Palm Pilots) to raise money for the school.  These items can be dropped by the school or at Martha Rients home, 36 Candle Ridge Rd.  Contact Martha Rients with questions - 728-2178.




Towanda Ladies Night Out Group


 The Towanda Ladies Night Out Group was formerly the Towanda Junior Woman's Club....due to their non-participation in seeking awards (a lot of work for paper certificates) and federation dues for both district and state membership of more than $25, the group decided to 'roll over' into a loosely structured social organization that continues the 'community service' aspect of the former club.


They go dutch-treat to dinner once a month (September - June), no mandatory attendance, no expenses for insurance/etc. and very limited fundraisers (garden walk 2 years ago).


Membership: dues of $25 a year, payable in September or when beginning attendance, from which they have sufficient dollars to make contributions to local endeavors (Route 66 walk, library programs, etc), and charitable (help families with special needs such as fire, major illnesses, gifts to children at Christmas and school supplies for Towanda students who need them).  They help Senior Citizens with their bake sale and donate to them the profit from breakfast at Easter; and they donate items for Thanksgiving food baskets to families in need.


There are several members from Indian Creek.  Total group is about 25-30; attendance generally ranges from 10-18 at any given dinner out.


If you are interested in joining, contact any member or new President Dawn (Rob) Sutter or Ruth Parsons co-Secretary (728-2768).



Towanda Lions sponsored Steve Liebenow Memorial Scholarship.


The Towanda Lions Club is sponsoring a $500.00 scholarship for a 2005 High School college bound senior and/or currently enrolled college student attending classes full time from the Towanda area.  This is a one-time scholarship, not open to renewal.

 Applicants for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:


1.              The applicant must have a Towanda mailing/residence address.


2.              Average grade of at least a C, verified by a high school transcript.


3.              In 250 words or less, submit a letter of application containing a brief biographical profile which includes your college plans, school activities, community service activities, and work history.


4.              Submit two letters of recommendation: one from a teacher, counselor, or administrator, and one from a non-relative in the Towanda area.


5.              Submit a copy of your fall 2005 class schedule of the college/university you will be attending.


6.              Letter of application, recommendation, transcript, and class schedule must be received by the Scholarship Committee Chairman by September 15, 2005.


 Mail to:

Steve Liebenow Memorial Scholarship
c/o Robert Hancock
Bent Tree Lane
Towanda, Illinois 61776


The Towanda Lions Club committee will review all applications and select one scholarship winner.  All applicants will be notified by mail of the committee's choice.  This scholarship is offered in memory of Steve Liebenow, a long time Lions Club member, educator, and community leader who passed away in 1999.



Spring Work Day


The May 14th Indian Creek Spring Workday was mild and pleasant for working outdoors.  After coffee and donuts provided by the Beneze's, four crews tackled different neighborhood improvements.  Greg Beneze, John and Mary Ann Boyd did roadside cleanup along the country road we all travel.  Kelly Patti, Nicholas Patti, Sue Arnold, Helen Mogill and Faith Russell made a dent in all the invasive garlic mustard along Eastwood Court and in the Nature Area.  Jim Kellenberger and Kurt Patti cleared brush to improve drainage along the ditch near the soccer field.  Jim Russell and Dennis Maze cleared nuisance trees near the wellhead power pole.  Bob Hancock and Jim Russell cleaned up and stained the tractor shelter.

Some of this work led to immediately apparent improvement.  Other work is part of long-term progress in upgrading our neighborhood common areas.


Thanks to these volunteers who through their work make the neighborhood areas nicer for all of us.





Nature Area Land Management – and You!


 At the Spring work day, several homeowners discussed the idea of initiating more frequent and extensive land management of our nature area.   We have enlisted the aid of two very knowledgeable members of the Parklands Foundation board to survey our site and give us some advice on how best to manage and possibly restore sections of the nature area.  Look for more information coming soon about a neighborhood kick-off meeting for this effort.    We are hoping to get a good group of revolving volunteers who would be willing to help out to any extent - whether it be putting in one morning per year, or one morning per month.   Contact Jim Russell, Sue Arnold, or Helen Mogill for more information.














Tim and I found a three foot long snake in our garden shed.  He was under a rug I sit on when I'm weeding. The tip of his tail vibrated when we disturbed him - it was more of a buzzing sound (rather than a rattle).  We think he might be a fox snake.  See reptiles_foxsnake.html

Two barred owls are frequent visitors to John and Mary Ann Boyd’s backyard.


Dennis Maze found a very large snapping turtle crossing the road by Spencer's.   Dennis and Sue scooped him up into a big tub and released him into the creek by the bridge.






 We are pleased to announce for the 2004 Indian Creek Homeowner's Water Association (ICHWA) Consumer Confidence Report that Indian Creek complies with all state and federal water testing requirements.   No drinking water quality violations were recorded during 2004.  The test data for our water will be available on the Illinois state web site: .  Our ID is IL1135250.  We were again commended for “achieving the highest standard of compliance with the Illinois Fluoridation Act”.  In 2004 we had no boil orders.

 See for further information about Indian Creek water.   Major decisions affecting the water system are made at Homeowner's Association meetings. Please attend!


Please observe lawn/garden watering restrictions:

Even street numbers water on even dates; Odd numbers on odd dates.




Towanda Area Historical Society


The General Meeting of the Towanda Area Historical Society was held from 7:00-8:00 p.m. at the Towanda Community Building, Jefferson Street, Towanda IL.  Seventeen members were present.


CDs containing material scanned to date are available for anyone interested in looking at the material.  Two old photos and the scanned version of them were displayed to show how dramatically the photos could be enhanced. Videos can be digitized after new software is secured. Materials and documents including photos, maps, and atlases are still needed. 


A 40-page outline of historical notes is available at the library and can be distributed to those who are interested.  Everyone is urged to provide comments on the proposed organization of the material and suggest any other information that should be included, such as the Route 66 Historical Walk. 

Gail Briggs reported on her work in developing a directory of potential Towanda area historical resources and people who may be interested in assisting with the project.  Names and their contact information are being  solicited. 


Information about the TAHS will be available at the 4th of July celebration (e.g. work-to-date, sign up to help, who and how to contact the Society, and contributions will be collected)


The Core Com. decided to develop the Education & Schools section of the History first; however, historical information about all aspects of the Towanda Area will be gratefully accepted throughout the process!

The preferred process for providing written information is to email a Word document as an attachment (not a PDF) to Robin Gould


If email isn't possible, information such as documents, photos, etc. or typed material may be loaned or given to Jack Jenkins, 245 Hely St, P.O. Box 245, Towanda (ph:  728.2143) for scanning and return if desired.


The next General group mtg. will be Tue.Jul.12, 7pm at the Community Bldg.




Indian Creek Resident Directory


A copy of the Indian Creek resident directory is included with this newsletter.  If you want to correct or add any information to the directory – email or phone Helen Mogill at 728-2048,  Send your email address if you’d like to receive subdivision and newsletter news via email.




New Realtor


 Michael Hutson, a resident of Indian Creek, has joined Prudential Snyder/Armstrong Realty.  He has teamed up with Jean Hutson a fourteen year veteran and last year's President of the Board of Realtors. Together they would love to serve all of Indian Creek's realty needs. Michael can be reached at

Mobile (309) 825-6894




                          Tailless Black Cat


Are you missing a tailless black cat?   One has been seen wandering Bent Tree Lane – if he is yours, please call Judy Schultes – 718- 2927






Kids at Work







Baby Sitting

Pet Care

Lawn & Garden

Andrew  Cummings

Fox Creek Road





Anna Cummings

Fox Creek Road





Adam Doubet (12)

Candle Ridge Road





Bayli Doubet (11)

Candle Ridge Road





Ryan Doubet (15)

Candle Ridge Road





Katie Jurovic

Bent Tree Lane





Stephen Jurovic

Bent Tree Lane





Nic Patti (14)

Candle Ridge Road





Gregory Mason

Fox Creek Road





Travis Mason

Fox Creek Road











 Email:  If you are interested in receiving email announcements of upcoming subdivision events or other announcements of interest to residents, send your email address me at

 Subdivision web page:

If you have scenery, garden, wild animal or pet photos that you are willing to share, email them to me, Helen Mogill,, or bring them by to me at 18 Bent Tree Lane.  I can scan and return your photos.  My phone is 728-2048.

 Newsletter:  If you have events or announcements you’d like to see in here, please contact me, Helen Mogill,, 728-2048.  Kids – contact me if you’d like me to include your name, phone, and a list of odd jobs that you are willing to do – babysitting, pet care, lawn mowing, etc. Adults, let us know about your business.






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