Indian Creek Newsletter

April, 2006

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             Easter Activities in Towanda

                                                    Saturday, April l5


Senior Citizens breakfast & bake sale at the Community Building:  9:00am.


The Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt begins at 10:00 am.  The Egg Hunt is open to youth all ages thru 5th grade; bring your own basket and register for prizes.  Meet at the community building.  The egg hunt will be held in the city park.



Indian Creek Spring Work Day


When:            Saturday May 6, 9:00


Rain Date:     Saturday May 13, 9:00


Where:           Meet at the bridge.  Coffee, juice and doughnuts

                       will be provided.


  1. Pick up sticks and branches from all trails and mowed areas to make the first mowing of the season easier.
  2. Pick up sticks and branches from the unmowed grassy areas since these will be mowed once this spring to keep down shrubs & woody plants.
  3. Take down the tree that has fallen over one of the benches (the one that is nearer the entrance).
  4. Clear overhead branches from the main well-head trail so the gravel truck can get through later this summer.


Contact:  Jim Russell 728-8042, with any questions.



    School news


Friday, April 14 - No School, Good Friday

Monday, April 24 - No school for students (School Improvement Day for staff)


Thursday, May 4 - 2006-2007 Kindergarten registration, School, 1:00.  Advance notice is NOT required; but is helpful.  If planning to attend, please call Mrs. Koesterer at 728-2278.







The Indian Creek Homeowner Board of Directors has two vacancies.    Board terms are three years in duration and generally begin/end with the annual Indian Creek Homeowner's Association meeting.  Board member duties include the following:


President:   Represent Indian Creek to various outside groups, ie, state, county, township, developers, and future homeowners and their builders. Organize and conduct quarterly board and Association meetings.  Be accountable to all members for the board's activities, decisions, and expenditures.  Coordinate activities of other board members

Vice President/Secretary:  Maintain minutes of all board meetings.  Distribute meeting minutes and other necessary information to all Association members.  Organize development social events as needed.  Conduct board and annual meetings in the absence of the president.

Water Chairman: Have a good working knowledge of the entire water system, including tap-ons and delivery capacity.  Have a good working knowledge of applicable EPA and clean water regulations, and cooperate with necessary federal, state, and local water organizations.  Work closely with contracted maintenance vendor to insure continued proper and safe system operation.  Investigate homeowner water problems in a timely manner.

Homeowner Chairman (Grounds Chairman):  Be responsible for coordinating the maintenance and development of the 50 acres of common area. Review new home plans to insure they meet the code minimums. Have a good working knowledge of local, county, and state regulations pertaining to rural subdivisions building and septic permits, set backs, ditch requirements, road maintenance, mail delivery, police and fire protection, etc.

Treasurer:  Prepare and mail quarterly homeowner water billings and annual lot owner Association billings.  Pay all approved invoices in a timely manner.  Maintain records of all accounts payable and homeowner receipts.  Submit records for, and assist in, an annual audit.  Prepare and submit all tax forms necessary.  Prepare a complete annual summary of expenses and income for presentation at each annual meeting.

If you are interested in serving on the Indian Creek homeowners board, please contact one of the current board members:

  • Brian Krause, Vice President/Secretary – 728-5567
  • Dave Schulthes, Treasurer – 728-2927
  • Jim Russel, Grounds Chairman – 728-8042
  • Tim Mogill, Water Chairman – 728-2048

Note:  The officer duties listed above are from the subdivision Bylaws, which are now posted at the Indian Creek web site:




Letter to the ‘Editor’


Stephanie writes, “In the last newsletter there was mention of the raccoon and the distemper, etc. Well 2-3 weeks prior to reading that we had a raccoon behind our house, at the back of our lot by the trees that just sat back there and wouldn't move, growl, or react at all regardless of how close you got to it.  The raccoon stayed back there for a couple days and I took food out to him, as I tried to find someone to come and get him but couldn't.  After a couple days he died and we disposed of him. I'm not sure if this is what the cause was, but he never appeared to be injured, and as I stated was never ill-tempered.  Just thought this was interesting especially after the last newsletter.”



Towanda Library News

(on the web at


Gardening programs by the Merritt Family Gardeners!  Sat., April 22
10-11am: Planning & Caring for Perennials with Mary   Merritt
11-noon: Pruning & Composting with Lyle Merritt

Meet at the Merritt’s fantastic garden at 300 S. Madison in Towanda, one block directly west of the library.  There will be some perennials for sale, all proceeds of which will benefit the library.  Mary and Lyle’s son, Jeff Merritt, manager of Sunburst Nursery in Bloomington, will also be on hand to answer your gardening questions.  Please join us!

Summer reading program
The summer reading program dates have been set for "Voyage to Book Island":  Registration begins May 31st.  The program will run from June 2- July 26 with no program the week of July 4th.  Programs will take place on Wednesday mornings as usual.  More details to follow soon.




4th of July Committee


The 4th of July Committee would like to expand participation in planning the annual event and 4th.jpgwould like to have a representative from Indian Creek.  Anyone interested in participating, please contact Gail Ann Briggs, 309-728-2187, or Tim and Helen Mogill, 309-728-2048,


The next 4th of July Planning meeting will be on Monday April 24, at 7:00pm, at the community building in Towanda.






The bluebells are going to be spectacular again this year.  Be sure to plan a trip through the nature area in about a week or so for some breathtaking views.  The trail along the creek has bluebell plants ready to bloom massing along both sides of the trail.


Photographers, send me your favorite photos at, or 18 Bent Tree Lane.


I will post your photos on a new Bluebell page on the Indian Creek website,, and I will publish the one I think most spectacular in next month’s newsletter.  Check out the web page.  There are already some photos there.



Wild Turkey Sighting


Thank you to Terry Garbe for this photo of a wild turkey found perching in a tree off of the Garbes’ deck last week.


Although wild turkeys were almost extinct in 1960, efforts by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources have restored the wild turkey population to virtually all of Illinois. There are over 100,000 wild turkeys now living in Illinois.  Hunting of wild turkey is now legal in many parts of Illinois, but not yet in McLean Country, because the population hasn’t yet reached large enough size. 


If you do go turkey hunting, plan to cook your turkey with moisture added, as in a baking bag.  Because the wild turkeys run and fly, they do not have much body fat and the meat can tend to be dry if roasted without moisture.


See more about the wild turkey conservation effort at



Towanda Area Historical Society


Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 25


The meetings of the Towanda Area Historical Society are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Building.  They are open to everyone interested in learning more about our history and/or want to become involved in preserving it.



2005 Water Report


The Indian Creek Homeowner's Water Association (ICHWA) complies with all state and federal testing requirements.   In 2005 we had no boil orders. A boil order does not imply that there is a safety issue with our water system.  Anytime that some part of the system is opened to the outside environment, such as to replace a valve or a meter, we must issue a boil order until the output can be tested.  We were again commended for “achieving the highest standard of compliance with the Illinois Fluoridation Act”.   We remain on reduced lead/copper monitoring.  All vulnerability wavers have been extended.  No water quality violations were recorded for our facility based on extensive water quality testing.  No drinking water quality violations were recorded during 2005. 


The test data for our water is available on the site Illinois state site


The complete 2005 Water Report is available on the Indian Creek Web Site at





Email:  If you are interested in receiving email announcements of upcoming subdivision events or other announcements of interest to residents, send your email address me at



Subdivision web page:

If you have scenery, garden, wild animal or pet photos that you are willing to share, email them to me, Helen Mogill,, or bring them by to me at 18 Bent Tree Lane.  I can scan and return your photos.  My phone is 728-2048.  And remember to get those bluebell photos this month!




Newsletter:  If you have events or announcements for the newsletter, contact me, Helen Mogill, 728-2048,  Kids – contact me if you’d like me to include your name, phone, and a list of odd jobs– babysitting, pet care, lawn mowing, etc.  Adults, let us know about your business.






Towanda Lions sponsored Steve Liebenow Memorial Scholarship.


The Towanda Lions Club is sponsoring a $500.00 scholarship for a 2005 High School college bound senior and/or currently enrolled college student attending classes full time from the Towanda area.  This is a one-time scholarship, not open to renewal.

 Applicants for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:


1.      The applicant must have a Towanda mailing/residence address.


2.      Average grade of at least a C, verified by a high school transcript.


3.      In 250 words or less, submit a letter of application containing a brief biographical profile which includes your college plans, school activities, community service activities, and work history.  Indicate your plans for using the scholarship money and why you are deserving of the award.


4.      Submit two letters of recommendation: one from a teacher, counselor, or administrator, and one from a non-relative in the Towanda area.


5.      Submit a copy of your fall 2006 class schedule of the college/university you will be attending.


6.      Letter of application, recommendation, transcript, and class schedule must be received by the Scholarship Committee Chairman by September 15, 2006.


 Mail to:

Steve Liebenow Memorial Scholarship
c/o Robert Hancock
Bent Tree Lane
Towanda, Illinois 61776


The Towanda Lions Club committee will review all applications and select one scholarship winner.  All applicants will be notified by mail of the committee's choice.  This scholarship is offered in memory of Steve Liebenow, a long time Lions Club member, educator, and community leader who passed away in 1999.