Indian Creek

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Tractor Usage Rules

                              The Indian Creek Board of Directors has reviewed our insurance coverage for our tractor and discussed tractor usage by residents of Indian Creek.
                              In the best interests of our residents the following rules have been established effective January 1, 2022:

                                          *    Contact the Grounds Chair to reserve a time to use the tractor. The Grounds Chair will make the key available and provide

                                                instructions for tractor usage if needed.

                                          *    Tractor cannot be driven or used outside the subdivision.

                                          *    Only Indian Creek residents over the age of 21 can operate the tractor.
                                          *    The tractor is designed for light usage and has to be carefully handled.

                                          *    The fuel cost for using the tractor is $10 per half hour of running time. This fee is
                                                to be paid to the Grounds Chair who will then replace the fuel used.

                                          *    Any tractor malfunctions must be reported to the Grounds Chair.

                                          *    Tractor usage for subdivision needs has priority over residents/individual needs.

                                          *    Tractor must be returned to the shelter at the end of the day and not be kept on residential property overnight.

                                          *    Tractor will not be available for personal use after it has been prepped and stored during the colder months.